Our landscape design process begins by listening to client needs and ideas. An initial complimentary site visit by one of our professionals will allow you to share your vision for the space, realize its possibilities and get a sense of budget, timeline and the best course of action for making your dream landscape into a reality.


After the initial design consultation, we begin working on your custom design package.  Each client ends up with a tailor-made design package that features your fully realized garden design and detailed plan. Along with 3D renderings of the new garden which include several views of the space from multiple angles, you will receive plant and material storyboards that feature pictures of each item and a line item breakdown of the budget, so you can fine tune and focus on the most important aspects of your new space. 


New Eco's landscape designers have worked with a number of developers, designers and general contractors providing renderings, plant lists, construction documents and assistance with RFP's for commercial ventures in San Francisco.  With experience in the multi-family, municipal, governmental and hospitality sectors, we can easily assist you and offer a number design and development services for large-scale ventures. 


New Eco building crews are experienced and highly skilled in modern urban landscape building and construction. Whether you live in The Marina, Mission Bay or Pacific Heights, we go above and beyond to protect your home and provide high quality long lasting construction. We use advanced hardware and building techniques to make sure your deck, patio, or pergola will last for generations.


After our build crew has completed the construction portion of your project, our experienced horticulturalists install the greenery in your design. Expect the job to take much less time than the build out portion of your project and we have been known to completely change the look and feel of a space with just plants in as little as one day. 


All gardens need maintenance, some more than others. We have a knowledgeable, trustworthy staff of horticulturalists ready to tame your weeds, mulch your beds, and prune your trees. We specialize in natural and organic methods of fertilization and insect control.